Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Happy Halloween! 
Hope everyone has great plans for tonight!
All I'll be doing is handing out treats to the kiddies!

Not much sewing this past week, I'm afraid.
I managed to do the 2 blocks that Erica requested for 

Actually, I really like this block!
It the Cartwheel block designed by Lee here at Freshly Pieced!
These blocks will make a wonderful quilt and I like the blue, red and green
colour theme that Erica chose.
We are also back on track with Test Your Skills Sampler!
Test Your Skills SamplerSandi at 
Piecemeal Quilts has posted 2 new blocks, so I got them done as well.

 Crossed Canoes and Spirals
The background is actually Kona Raisin, although it might look black!
I have a stack of Chicopee triangles that I have had up on my design board for a couple of weeks, but just don't know about it!
I'd look at it, photograph it...
hate it..
move triangles around...
it's really busy looking....
I'm thinking of really scaling down and just using a few prints with a lot negative space.
I think I'll like that better, and since I cut so many triangles, I can probably do 2
different layouts!
So, that's it for me!
Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
and Monika at
Have a great sewing week!
Sending best wishes out to everyone on the east coasts of Canada and USA, as Sandy does her best to wreak havoc!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank you Mr. Weatherman!

So, this morning I needed to go the Post Office and the grocery store.
We had a bit of snow overnight, so I started up my car and when to shovel the snow off the driveway and sidewalk. EEEK!!! It was so icy, I almost fell a kazillion times!
As I may have mentioned , I don't have my snow tires on yet.
What to do?
First thing is turn off the car! I ain't driving today.
Then, back into the house and dug into the winter basket for a scarf, mittens and toque.
I also noticed the ice grippers for the bottom of my shoes that I bought last year and never wore! On they went, and out I went.
It is a glorious day! About -2, and more importantly, no wind!
I had a wonderful walk, and by the time I headed home from the store, my scarf was off, my mittens were off, and the ice grippers worked like a charm.
So, thank you Mr. Weatherman, for getting me off my butt and out for a walk!
The End.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival-Who's Your Granny?

Here we are again with another fabulous Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted by Amy@
Amy's Creative Side
I have chosen to enter
Who's Your Granny?  festival entry #81

I did this quilt as part of The Great Granny Along hosted by Lori, and Jodi.
  We used the very popular granny blocks, adding an extra round!
Quilt Stats
This quilt measures 47"x62"
 hand and machine quilted by myself
Best category-lap quilt, hand quilted
The fabric I used is Flea Market Fancy & Katie Jump Rope, with a white on white print as the background fabric.
I used the same white on white as well as a medium solid grey for the sashing and borders.
Binding is done in Lush running stitch lime green.
I had the most fun ever quilting this!
The layers were secured with stitch in the ditch around each block, and then I pulled out 17 different colours of perle cotton and hand quilted a diamond pattern in all the sashing and borders!
For the centre of each  block, I did a FMQ flower pattern, which can be seen better on the back!

For the back, I made a huge granny block and framed it with a solid grey and another FMF fabric.
So, here is my entry ...

Who's Your Granny? 
thanks for stopping by and checking it out!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday-snow day for me!

WIP- Winter in Paradise?
maybe not...
I still have summer tires on my car..eek!
The earliest I can get my snow tires put on is November 23rd!
Guess I'll have to make other arrangements for a tire change:-)
Either way.....
I see a lot of quilting time in my future!
However, yesterday was not idle...
I pulled out a Lil' Twister quilt I had stashed away for a while, put on a border and grid quilted it. Backed with the yellow and blue flannelette.
This fabric is Freebird from MoMo.
It's small-just used one pack of charms.
It might be about 22x24.
I just need to add the binding and call it a finish!
I've been a little obsessed with polymer clay since I bought a ton of it on sale at Michael's!
Just one of those impulse buys I seem to do frequently!
So, in honour of the snow day, I made a few Christmas ornaments
with a white glitter clay and a few Christmas stamps.

Very quick and easy to do. It doesn't show up well in my sucky photos, but the glitter
looks really nice!
I added some ribbon that I had on hand, and a glittery button.
I need to get some Christmas ribbon!
I did have a finish this week, and I am so darn pleased with it too!
A Groovy Kind of Love
is finished!!!

  I quilted parts of this quite heavily, and I am relieved to be done with it!
Not my favourite thing to do, but I really need the practice with FMQ.

Oh, I almost forgot, I also finished and mailed the tote and key fob for Mouthy Stitches2.

I also have a block to do for Nicky for Star of Africa; two blocks to do for Happiness @ do. Good Stitches
Sandi has posted new blocks for TYSS. I need to get crackin' on them as well!
Maybe it's a good thing I'll be indoors until the roads clear up!
Linking up with Lee @ Freshly Pieced 
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Monika at TNTN
Have a great sewing week!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wouldn't you agree....

...we've got A Groovy Kind Of Love!
did I sound off key? :-)
Sorry, but I was just so happy to have finished my Groove quilt!
Yay for finishes!!

 Measures 62" x 69"
Fabrics are:
3 prints from Pat Bravo's Bohemian Soul,
Kona Orange,
Kona Avocado,
Binding is Heath in Chartreuse by Alexander Henry.
The back!!!
Love this Melody Miller fabric!
Ruby Star Spring Vinyl, or Records, or something like that! I think the name may have changed!
A collage of the quilting I did.
Some of it was okay....some, not so much I think!
Always learning and practicing though!
This was a fabulous Totally Groovy QAL hosted by Alyssa @ Pile O'Fabric
We all used the Groove pattern from Emily Cier at Carolina Patchworks.
I actually loved doing the curves, as I had already had a lot of them when I did a Drunkard's Path quilt.
Everything came together really easily, and I am so thrilled with my finished lap quilt.

Linking up with Alyssa!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Here we are another week into fall weather and getting closer to winter!
I want to share a really cool photo that has nothing to do with quilting...
A little touch of what Saskatchewan is all about...
Here are 249 combines, harvesting in a field on Saturday, just outside of Saskatoon.
They set a new Guinness world record, and was organized by Harvest for Kids.
Okay, back to the quilting!
I have almost all the blocks from Star of Africa bee.
Here is a mosaic from the incredibly talented and imaginative minds of my bee mates!
I plan to make a wall hanging with these beauties, to hang in my sewing room!
Mouthy Stitches2 is getting closer to our mailing date, so I got busy and made the tote for my secret partner.
We all used this tutorial for the tote.
The second part of the swap is a key fob.
I have some polymer clay that I am playing around with!
This was the first piece I tried...
 It's fun to do!
 I'm going to try a few more, and then work on the design I had in mind for the swap.
Sew we quiltwe'll see how it goes!
I've been making a couple of framed coin purses for a blog hop
UR Priceless which will run November 5-13th.

So, I can't show them until my posting date which is November 7th.
I haven't done any work this week on my two WIP quilts, which is NOT good!
Especially A Groovy Kind Of Love
It's just hanging out in my sewing room draped over my fabric cupboard. 
For sure, I'm going to work on more FMQ this week!
Starry, Starry Night is folded up and hanging in the closet...out of sight, out of mind!
Maybe before Christmas???
I also have that pile of Chicopee equilateral triangles cut and put aside until I can agree with myself on a layout! ;-)
Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Have a great sewing week!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Gobble. Gobble.

Thanksgiving is being celebrated on Monday here in Canada.
Turkey and all the trimmings of course!
With the recent turn in the weather, it certainly feels like fall!
Have a great week-end!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

WIP Wednesday

A rather uninspiring week for me, as I look at my sewing machine and then walk away from it!
I spent more time out in the yard doing fall clean up than I spent sewing.
Hate that!
Here is what I did accomplish...
Chelsea asked for wonky string kaleidoscope blocks in navy, orange, yellow and red.
For our Star of Africa bee, Benta is doing an interlocking star quilt. So, our contributions are going to be the centre block and four connecting blocks.
The centre block needed to be something representing our country(which is the basic theme of the bee), so I chose to do a very simplified version of Anne of Green Gables.
Not in a zillion years would I attempt to do a face, so Benta gets a straw hat and red pigtails!!
Finally for the Mouthy Stitches 2 swap, I have decided to do hexagon style block based on the tutorial  from Lee here at Freshly Pieced!
I plan to change the white corners to a linen of some sort, as I don't think white is the best choice for a tote.
I have an idea for fabric for the backside of the tote and the lining, so we'll see what my secret partner thinks!
Remaining as WIP's
1-A Groovy Kind of Love- didn't do anything on it this week
2-Starry, Starry Night- waiting patiently!
3- Triangles-sitting in a heap waiting to be used!
Linking up this week with guest host, Debbie @ Freshly Pieced.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Have a great sewing week!