Friday, November 08, 2013

Snow and Snowflakes!

Winter has arrived with a couple dumps of snow in the past week...
Fresh snow is always so pretty, until you have to shovel it!
But, it did put me in the mood to get some bee blocks done.
First up are November's blocks for our
Marika asked us to do Plus blocks using low volume background and bright colours for the Plus.
We used this tutorial.
I love doing these blocks, and I think I'll be doing one for myself in the new year!

Next up was blocks for
I'm in the Carmine group, and for November Carla asked for the Circle of Squares block.
Another fun and quick block to do, and because I am doing an extra angel block, I was happy with how quickly they were made.

Which brings me to December's blocks for Sheila!
She has asked for the Snowflake block.
Such a gorgeous block, but not an easy one for me to do!
Again, I am doing an extra angel block, so it was on my mind when it came to piecing this one!
We used this tutorial.
For the first block, I used the tutorial, but I sure had difficulty with it.
I'm not sure why my brain didn't want to line things up!
So, for the second block, I thought I would try paper piecing it!
I just drew it out on paper using the 60 degree on my ruler.
Really, it didn't turn out any better, and, in fact, took way longer to do!
If I hadn't already cut the fabric for it, I would have abandoned it and gone back to the tutorial!
They didn't even finish the same size!
Anyway, they are DONE! 
Sheila will have to do some creative sashing!
Sorry Sheila!
I also finished up some socks this week!
These are Merino wool and cashmere!
So soft and yummy!
I used my favourite pattern from Wendy Johnson's book,
Socks From The Toe Up
I also used the two at a time method on my favourite 2mm, 100cm Addi circular needle.
Because I have a terrible memory, in spite of what Lumosity tells me :-) , I also keep a journal of the patterns I use, the yarn and etc.
Finally, I purchased a clamshell template for EPP. I really like watching Sue Daley's YouTube Videos on her EPP methods.
However, Kissa seems intent of giving me her own lessons on piecing those clamshells!
Not sure what I'll make with the finished product; probably another pouch!
Now I can curl up with a book this week-end......
or maybe start something new???