Friday, March 06, 2015

The King of the Jungle!

Since my zodiac sign is Leo, I considered it fitting to jump at the chance to test another amazing paper pieced block by Juliet @ Tartankiwi.
If you haven't seen any of her patterns,go immediately to her shop!
You won"t regret it, I promise!
I have been lucky enough to test a few blocks for Juliet, so I knew that her patterns are really detailed and are so life like.
Leo is a 24" paper pieced pattern,and I spent about 2 days piecing him.
Time well spent!!!
This is Leo- pieced,quilted and binding on.
I decided pretty early on to use solids on one side, and patterned of the other side.
I did change my  mind a bit and made his nose all solid, to bring a balance to his face.
I densely quilted the left side(patterned) and did Stitch in the Ditch on the right side.
It wasn't until I had finished binding him, that I decided the right side of his face needed to be densely quilted as well.
I wanted his eyes to pop, and although you can't really see it in the photos, they do!
I love the detail in the eyes; my favourite part of the pattern.

A close up of his face.
In his muzzle, I did some matchstick curves to kind of simulate whiskers.
He looked so real, my girls thought he was family!!
Here are a couple more animal patterns I recently tested for Juliet ..
She adds such amazing movement to her animals.
Big Cat- I called this one Stealth as he kind of blends in a bit with the birch fabric.

Thanks for stopping by!