Saturday, January 26, 2013

Knit one...

I finished a second pair of socks using Wendy Johnson's basic toe up sock pattern!
I used a smaller needle (2.25mm) and fewer stitches than the first pair, and they fit like a glove. Yay!
in a pretty teal colour!
Now, I am tackling two at a time toe up socks using Melissa Morgan-Oakes book.
I still used Judy's Magic cast on, and magic loop knitting.
It was a little harder to get started, and the stitch increase was a new one for me, but at least there are no double wraps!
So far I haven't gotten them mixed up!

.....the girls pose on Who's Your Granny?
Hope you're having a good week-end!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday 23-01-2013

I hadn't realized until now that this is my first WIP post this year! How did that happen??
Looking back, I see that most of my work this year has been bee blocks, knitting socks, and reupholstering a chair for my sewing room!

However, I am now working on left overs from last year!
Starry, Starry Night is finally basted. Yay! It was not easy I must say. Because I am using voile for the backing, I didn't think I could use spray baste. Then, trying to keep it taped to the floor was a nightmare. So, I ended up doing a very non-traditional baste.
First, I lightly spray basted the batting to the quilt top; then I put the backing on top of the batting and put in just a few pins to keep it together. Then I flipped it over so that the top was on top, and pinned normally! A bit weird, but it worked!

Love AMH voile!

Now, I have to decide how to quilt it!
I've had a ton of equilateral triangles cut from Chicopee up on my design wall for at least a month, and probably longer!

I finally bit the bullet, arranged them is some sort of random order, found a good tutorial for joining triangles without pulling out my hair, and now I am halfway through finishing them. This photo is older, so the placement of the triangles is different!
Some bee blocks have been done...
For Janine in Star Of Africa
Our Saskatoon MQG is participating in the Madrona Road Challenge, and I signed on for it!
I was initially going to do a table runner, but changed my mind and did a cushion instead.

I used some Kona Ash as well as the Madrona Road.
A hidden zipper in the back, and black piping.
I did a little hand stitching and a bit of FMQ.

I'm just finishing up a Cathedral Window pincushion with the leftover fabrics!
A fun challenge and a first for our brand new Saskatoon MQG!
Linking up today with Lee @ Freshly Pieced for

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Have a great sewing week!

Monday, January 21, 2013

From the inside lookin' out!

Well, it is frigid cold here the last couple of days, with temp at -30C. Add severe wind chill warnings, and it takes us to -40C
I'm not leaving my house! Yay for retirement!
So, there is nothing to do but watch tennis, knit and then sew.
Here is a sneak peek at my Madrona Road Challenge project.....
I also finally started the Lucky Stars BOM with Elizabeth @ Don't Call Me Betsy
I have a bin full of Kaffe Fassett fabric, so I pulled it out and started using some of it.
I'm also going to finish up a belated Christmas present! I know, a tad late!
I had to wait for a pouch frame to arrive, so it wasn't my fault!
My second pair of socks are almost done too. Yay! This pair will fit much better I hope.
I got a lot of it done while watching Downton Abbey last night.
Love that show!
Finally into the post is a Star of Africa bee block for Janine.
The message is in Cree- hope it translated properly!
I quite liked doing the wheat stitch on the bottom. The first actual embroidery I have done other than the stem stitch.
Okay, off to the sewing room.....
I have some triangle to put together!
Stay warm....or cool.....depending where you are!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Need a push....FAL

Other than doing my bee blocks, I have been quite unmotivated to finish up projects from last year.
So, I decided to join up with the FAL being hosted by Leanne this year!

she can quilt
Two things need to get done this quarter.
1.-Starry, Starry Night
I need to add borders, probably pin the voile backing (ugh)-wish I could spray baste!
Then quilt it.
2.- No name triangle quilt
 These are all cut, and have been on my design wall in different combinations for over a month while I decide what to do with them! They are taking up too much space, and I want my design wall back!
 Linking up with Leanne, and I hope I get these done!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sock it to me!

Two books on toe-up sock knitting, one Craftsy class, a million you-tube videos-$60.
Yarn purchased many years ago, then lost, then found and waiting to be used-$20.

Yarn purchased on sale at Michael's and used for these socks-$12.
Knitting needles is various sizes and lengths because I didn't know what to use-$50.
First pair of socks knit(knitted?) by me!!!!-$$$ Priceless $$$ !!!
 Who am I kidding!! These suckers cost me a fortune! 
I've discovered that I cannot learn sock knitting from a book! Everything I learned was from you-tube videos, although the Craftsy class was good too. However, you-tube is free!
I used the magic loop which I really liked, as the double pointed needles tried to kill me on several occasions while trying to bend them into submission.
We had issues about who was in charge......I lost -(
Also, I should do swatches! While my socks fit just fine, I could have easily knit them quite a bit smaller and made use of the nylon in the yarn. They will probably stretch horribly after wearing them longer than an hour!
Not a big fan of short rows! I kept picking up the wraps wrong or something! The heel looks funny!
I did however, make my own sock blockers! Yay for that! Saved a few bucks!
For my next pair I will try a different method, and will also try two a a time!!
I do plan to make more considering how much I have invested in them already!
Something to do while watching Downton Abbey on Sunday nights!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Have a seat...

My sewing machine was in the shop for a tune-up and I just picked it up this morning!
Now, I can get busy and catch up on all the projects I have left since before Christmas.
However....before I start sewing, I had one project that needed attending to.
I use this hard as rock chair in my sewing room that I borrowed from my kitchen. Not comfortable for prolonged sitting, and the cushion I have on it keeps landing on the floor.
So, last week I rescued an old aluminum kitchen chair probably from the 60's! It was on it's way to the dump!
Initially, I though about just giving it a good scrubbing and be done with it. But, no amount of cleaning could ever make this baby look good!
It's red vinyl. I actually like the colour!
Here it is in partial deconstruct...

So, I took it all apart (saving the upholstery nails :-), for reuse)
Then I went shopping, and found just the right amount of red vinyl. I didn't particularly care what colour is was, but the red was what they had.
New rubber feet and a bunch of staples later....
Not exactly a thing of beauty, but it works for me.
I had some fun with the back though!
Yup! It's the Keep Calm fabric! I have the same thing on my ironing table in my sewing room, so I thought it would look kinda cool!
I also laminated it just for the heck of it, and because I had this stuff and wanted to try it on something!
I used this product called Therm O Web iron on vinyl, and it was really easy. Then, I cut some batting to use because the cardboard backing was wrecked, reused the nails, and called it a finish!
The curved back of the chair was a bit of a pain, but overall, not too bad.
As I said, not beautiful, but it is functional and only cost me $15.00 for the fabric!
My first project of 2013....