Saturday, September 28, 2013

Is This REALLY Necessary??

Clutch, that is!
The Necessary Clutch!!
Another great pattern by Janelle @ Emmaline Bags.
I made the clutch to match the Boyd St. Bowling Bag.....
I use the same  yarn dyed linen in black, and my Walmart find-the cotton duck poppies!
I must admit, I found this much more difficult than the bag!
Probably because of the precise sewing required and the really thick seams.
I did have to re-do the outer flap as it was too small. A quarter inch seam allowance is really important, and tough for me to do around curves!
However, while far from perfect, it was fun to do, and I am so happy with it!
Once again, Janelle has fabulous instructions and photos.
I found the photos especially helpful when sewing the side flaps to the zippered pocket!
 It's really roomy, and has lots of card slots, as well as the zippered pocket and a centre storage space.
hmmm........not sure what I was on when I picked these fabrics!!!
I really love the turn clasp on it as well.
My heart was in my throat as I was cutting out the hole for the clasp, but it was pretty easy to do.
So now I just need to move all my stuff out of my old wallet, and fill up my shiny new one!
Yay for finishes!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bowling anyone?

I am just so pleased that I finished my first real structured purse!

Janelle does an amazing job with this pattern. Very detailed, explained well, and lots of photos, which is really important for me!
Other than my own oops! where I put the pockets in the bottom instead of the top, everything went smoothly.

I used a jeans needle and the walking foot on my Horizon for the whole bag.
I also used purchased leather handles instead of making my own. Fabulous instructions for making the handles in the pattern! I did add the D rings on each end in case I want to add the optional long strap at a later date. 
It fits nicely over my shoulder with the 23" straps, but I'm not sure how comfortable it will be in the winter over a parka!
For the interfacing, I had to use what was available here!
I remembered a trick from last years Purse Palooza, and used a fusible interfacing over top of the Thermolam non-fusible in the lining, which was all I had.
I did the same thing with the heavy sew-in on the exterior-cut the sew-in smaller, and then fused the medium weight over it. That way, I didn't need to baste the sew-in. Couldn't find Shapeflex anywhere.
My exterior fabric is actually Cotton Duck.....from Walmart!!!
This was supposed to be a "test" bag, so I didn't want to go too expensive. However, it turned out so well, I am absolutely using it!
I also used Yarn Dyed Essex Linen in black for the trim, and for the lining zipper gusset.

I didn't look for Peltex, thinking I wouldn't find it, so I used a product I bought a couple years ago for bag bottoms.
. I now have enough Peltex to last me a lifetime from a LQS- Periwinkle!
I even put the feet on the bottom! There is a hardware accessory kit that you can buy from Janelle!
For the pockets, I made both of them zippered and the same size. Added a couple cute zipper pulls....

I was worried about joining the outer shell and the lining shell.
It looked really intimidating!
But, just going slowly, and following the instructions, did the trick!
The lining gusset added to the zipper gusset......
Pretty darned pleased with myself, I must admit! :-)
After I finished it, the dates for Purse Palooza 2013 was announced, and Joanna @ Shape Moth is going to feature this bag!!

Next up, is The Necessary Clutch, also a pattern by Janelle and can be found @ Emmaline Bags.
This clutch is also on the Purse Palooza schedule by Jess @ The Elven Garden 
That's all folks!


Saturday, September 07, 2013

Please, Mr Postman........

........send me my blocks!
With the Labour Day holiday, the mail has been really slow to arrive, and I didn't get the Simply Solid blocks I was hoping for.....darn!
I wanted to work on the quilt this week-end.
Instead, I decided to make a new bag for winter.
Well, actually, it is going to be a practice bag!
The pattern is fairly advanced, and a bit above my "pay grade", when it comes to bag making.
So, I need to do a trial run.
On Friday I cut out all the pieces, and added the interfacing.  I couldn't get any of the recommended products for the interfacing, so I did the best I could with what's available!
Today, I sewed....all day......and completed the outer shell with minimal issues! I was so stoked!!!!
Maybe it doesn't have to be a trial bag!

I really should have stopped there.....
but, no.....
I just had to do one more thing....
My plan was to just put in the zippered pockets in the lining. I have done these before with no problems at all. So, these went in really easily, and I thought they looked great!

  Yay for me, right?
Did I mention that I should have stopped earlier??
yeah, well, I'll listen to my inner voice next time......
upside down...
Upside down...
Upside Down!!!

So, here I am picking out stitches so that I can reuse the zippers.
And, to punish myself for being a complete dork and wasting all that fabric from the lining and pockets!
 I completely blame the Postman.
None of this would have happened if he had just delivered my blocks!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes- September goal

This will be short and sweet!
For September, I only have one project in mind for a finish.
I am in a fun quilting bee called
As the title suggests, this is all about solids. The month of August was all about me, me, me!
I asked for a version of the Rolling Stone block.
This is one of mine. As a member suddenly dropped out, I ended up doing another block as well, which was not problem at all!
So, I have almost all the blocks in now, and plan to have this quilt completely finished by the end of the month!
All of the blocks sent to me are gorgeous and colourful, so I can hardly wait to get started on it.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Dog Days of August....a review

August has been hot, hot, hot and I love the heat!
We wait soooo long for summer to appear, and this year has been especially difficult after a long, cold Winter and a cool, wet Spring.
So, bring on the sunshine and heat!
It probably helps that I have air conditioning, so I can spend time sewing in comfort!
I finished a few favourites in August....
Marcelle Medallion was a huge accomplishment!
Falling For Stripes was a quick and satisfying finish as a pattern test for M-R!
Lots of bee blocks, Zakka Along 2.0, do. Good Stitches and fun crafty stuff.
I'm a bit of a slacker when it comes to documenting a month's worth of ...
Here is my mosaic for August!

1. Falling For Stripes, 2. Falling For Stripes-back, 3. Happy Hexagon Trivet, 4. Happiness Circle August 2013, 5. Pansy for Veena, 6. Knit1 Purl1, 7. Marcelle Medallion, 8. Sleeping bag pouch collage, 9. Rolling Stone, 10. Sleeping Bag Pouch #2, 11. Marcelle Medallion, 12. for Cindy

So, I'm linking up at Lynne's for 
Fresh Sewing Day!
Come and join in!
Lily's Quilts