Tuesday, October 01, 2013

FALL ing for September!

It was bound to happen...
those colder nights, and shortened days.
not to mention the frequent honking of the geese as they head south for the winter.
Fall is upon us!
The beauty of the trees changing into their fall colours is my favourite part of this time of year.
So, what did I accomplish in September!!
Well, there were the things I hadn't planned to do while waiting to do the things I did plan, but didn't do...huh?
This is sounding familiar...I think I've done this before!! 
Sadly, Canada Post was up to it's unpleasant tricks and failed to deliver a block for my Simply Solids quilt, so it didn't get done.
I'm working on it now though!
While waiting, I made a new bag, a wallet, and 2 cushions!!
Bee blocks got done, and a couple of Zakka Along 2.0 projects.
not too bad, I'm thinkin'

1. Lucky Pieces for Janet, 2. Sleeping bag pouch #3, 3. Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch, 4. Whiskers Sept 2013, 5. Boyd St. Bowling Bag, 6. Round 2, Hive 1, 7. Round 2, Hive 1, 8. i-Pad cover, 9. Linked Squares, 10. Linked Squares 2, 11. The Necessary Clutch, 12. Necessary Clutch & Boyd St. Bowling Bag, 13. Round 2, Hive 1, 14. Round 2, Hive 1, 15. Round 2, Hive 1, 16. Rolling Stone